Roline's mission

to educate & to promote filipino culture through our food

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about us

Are you RUFenough®?

  We opened in January of 2009 with a small hot-food selection and grocery.  Over the years we shifted our focus from our grocery to making fresh and traditional Filipino food through our restaurant, Roline’s Original Halo Halo Bar™ and catering.  Our community is as important as our food; they are our oxygen and we are grateful each and every day that we are able to continue to reach out and make more people happy one meal and conversation at a time.  We welcome you to our humble place to be yourself, let your hair down, enjoy life and have some laughs.

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Our Logo - salakót (Straw Hat)

Humility - Resilience - Perseverance - Unity

Are you RUFenough®?

Surrounded by vast lands of rice fields and mountains flourishing with fruit trees, I remember the summer mornings as the roosters crowed.  Farmers would rise early in the morning, put on their salakóts, which protected them from the summer heat, wrap their baon (lunch) in banana leaves, and worked together until sundown.  The modest farmers would invite neighboring families to their humble homes to share the bounty of their harvest.  They worked tirelessly behind the scenes to support and help other establishments such as market vendors and restaurants.  Just like them, we strive to unite the community through our food and hospitality.

- Chef Roline

OUR Slogan - Are you RuF Enough®?

Rooted. Underdogs. Faithful.

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Narra Tree (The Philippines’ National Tree)

rooted - "lipi": Know, understand and accept where one came from to know, understand and accept oneself


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underdogs - "Minamaliit": Challenge driven

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Dr. José Rizal (National Hero of the Philippines)

faithful - "matapat": Loyal until the end