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KAMAYAN PREVIEW - $21/person

(Minimum 2 Guests/By Reservation Only)

Experience a traditional Filipino family feast by enjoying your meal using your hands (gloves provided upon request).  Don’t know how to eat with your hands?  Relax.  We’ll teach you and we can provide utensils (just in case).


House-made w/ cabbage, carrots, green beans, tofu & chickpeas

BBQ Pork

House-made BBQ sauce

Crispy Shrimp

Grilled Squid

Grilled Milkfish

Ginger, tomatoes & onions

Vegetable of the Day

Chef’s Choice

Steamed Jasmine Rice

Vegetable Pancit

Rice noodles w/ cabbage, carrots & onions


Saba Banana w/ jackfruit


Chef’s Signature Bagoong (salted shrimp paste)

Chef’s Signature Pickled Ampalaya (bittermelon)

House-made Sweet Chili Sauce

House-made Champagne Vinaigrette